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FREE – Rolling Stock Inventory Spread Sheet

Some years ago I decided to take inventory of my valuable collection and update it as I purchased or built new items. I used Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet that maintains lists of wagons, coaches and locomotives. I then used formulae to create a summary page and some graphical charts. You too can use this utility to maintain an inventory of your own collection.
Rolling Stock Inventory Graphic

This approach is useful for keeping track of what you have. And would be invaluable if selling your collection, or if someone else had to sell your collection.

I also wrote an article about this in the Australian Model Railway Magazine. (AMRM #270. June 2008. Page 33).

If you would like a copy of the article I wrote, as well as a copy of the spread sheet template please email me ( to receive your free, no obligation copy.

Please note that Control Panel Designs may email with you with other offers from time to time.

Evaluation Kit NOW AVAILABLE

We now have evaluation kits available to those who want to TRY before you buy.

Evaluation Kit includes:

1 x Layout Controller
1 x Physical Panel
1 x Turnout Controller
Power Supply
Ethernet cables
and wiring adapters.

iPad access to the panels is also provided. Please email for more information or to book a no obligation, free, evaluation.

The Indian Pacific – Running Late

Now for something completely different that may interest you. Below is the Perth bound Indian Pacific, running late, and crossing Hadrill Road in the Swan Valley on the outskirts of Perth Western Australia. The train after crossing the Australian Continent from Sydney is less than 30 minutes from it’s destination. My house is about 7 minutes drive from this level crossing.





Layout Expanded – Control Panel Updated

At Control Panel Designs we have the “Peace-of-mind-offer” which allows a customer to return their panel for changes if necessary for a moderate fee. This way customers do not need to purchase new panels if the track plan changes.

That is what happened with ‘Bridford’, and O Scale GWR Layout set in the 1930’s. The customer decided to add another station to his terminus layout, making it a point-to-point layout. The panel was returned. We laser engraved a new fascia, fitted new tactile switches, added another turnout controller and returned the solution to the customer.

If you view the photos below I have included the solution diagram, the panel designs, and some photos of this layout.

The first photo was how the solution was originally designed and delivered.

Bridford Before

This is a photo of the original panel being used on the layout.

Bridford 2

This is an image of the new design. Below that are some general photos of this wonderful O Scale layout.

Bridford 5

Bridford 7

Bridford 6

Bridford 1

Operating ‘Bombala’ with an iPad

This layout, based on the real town of Bombala in New South Wales, uses our system to control the turnouts. In this case the customer decided not to use physical panels for now, but rather use an iPad. We developed two panels for this customer. The images below show the design that we did, and then photographs of the Bombala panels being used on an iPad. Please see photos below of the Solution Diagram, Design and panels on iPad.

The interesting thing about this layout is that due to some constraints the Bombala station uses Tortoise turnout motors. Whereas ‘Top Shelf’ another part of the layout uses surface mounted Peco solenoid based turnout motors. With our solution the customer was able to control both types of turnout motors with the one solution. See Solution Diagram below.

Bombala 1

Bombala 4

Bombala 2

Bombala 3