Author: Brendan Jansen

Director - Control Panel Designs

Western Maryland layout taking shape

This layout, resident in the USA, is a relatively large around the walls layout that uses our control panels and modules. The layout was still under construction when the control panels were acquired. This is a good thing, as the owner is able to use the panels and modules when installing point motors. Please enjoy some preliminary photos of this wonderful layout.

Hagerstown 1

Hagerstown 3

Hagerstown 2

Hagerstown 4

Hagerstown 5

Underneath “Oberon”

This photograph shows one of our Turnout Controllers mounted underneath “Oberon” a layout by Peter Higgins. Tortoise turnout motors are used, and are connected to the Turnout Controller via an Ethernet cable and a wiring adapter.
Underneath Oberon


Our iPad app (Layout Control) is now available for download from the Apple App Store. Search for “Layout Control”. Please note that the app requires a Layout Controller before panels can be used. However, the app includes a demonstration, documentation, and how to get started. Click on the Menu icon in the app to view the Installation Guide.
App Store

iPad app available soon

Our new iPad app will be available for download from the app store shortly. We have completed development of the app. It is currently being tested and then approved by Apple before being generally available.

It looks great, and includes information and demonstrations to allow the user to explore and learn, as well as how to get started.