Turnout Motor Controller

The Turnout Motor Controller has 8 ports and can control 8 turnouts, or groups of turnouts (Multiple slow motion turnout motors, such as Tortoise or Cobalt, can be wired together, and can be connected to one port. e.g. for a crossover.)

This controller can also be used to control Relays. When configured as a Relay Controller there are 16 control points per controller, allowing control of up to 16 relays. Control Panel Designs can also assist with procurement and assembly of relay arrays.



External Dimensions of enclosure: 140mm (W) x 110mm (D) x 35mm (H) or 5.5” (W) x 4.3” (D) x 1.4” (H)
Enclosure is constructed of high impact ABS Plastic.

Power Requirements:
Customers are required to provide their own source of DC Power for the Turnout Controller. Power required is 15v AC or 24V DC rated at 200mA or better. Turnout Controller includes 2.1mm DC Jack where centre pin is positive.

Is connected to other modules with RJ45 cables.

Standard CAT5 Ethernet cables can be purchased or constructed.

Rear of Panel has two female RJ45 connectors for connection to Control Panels, and two female RJ45 connectors for connection to slow motion Turnout Motors.





When purchased within Australia
AUD$139.00 Including GST (Tax)

When purchased from outside of Australia
AUD$126.36 No Tax is applicable

Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the order and the location. Shipping costs will be included in quotations.

How it is used: