4 Simple Steps

Send us information about your layout. A track diagram and maybe some photos if you have them. Send whatever information you think will help. We don’t care if you scribble on butcher’s paper with crayons. Whatever you can manage is fine. It would be good however if you could complete the Design Cover Page (link below), as it will help you provide all the right information.

We will do a design and send it back to you. If however, you would like to follow a formal design process, then feel free to follow the below steps.

1. Download our Control Panel Design Template.

Open Design Template in new window

2. Complete the template, utilising the Design Guidelines document.

Open Design Guidelines in a new window

3. Complete the Design Cover Page

Open Design Cover Page in a new window

4. FAX or eMail the Cover Page and Template to Control Panel Designs. sales@controlpaneldesigns.com

Video Instructions