Layout Expanded – Control Panel Updated

At Control Panel Designs we have the “Peace-of-mind-offer” which allows a customer to return their panel for changes if necessary for a moderate fee. This way customers do not need to purchase new panels if the track plan changes.

That is what happened with ‘Bridford’, and O Scale GWR Layout set in the 1930’s. The customer decided to add another station to his terminus layout, making it a point-to-point layout. The panel was returned. We laser engraved a new fascia, fitted new tactile switches, added another turnout controller and returned the solution to the customer.

If you view the photos below I have included the solution diagram, the panel designs, and some photos of this layout.

The first photo was how the solution was originally designed and delivered.

Bridford Before

This is a photo of the original panel being used on the layout.

Bridford 2

This is an image of the new design. Below that are some general photos of this wonderful O Scale layout.

Bridford 5

Bridford 7

Bridford 6

Bridford 1

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