Operating ‘Bombala’ with an iPad

This layout, based on the real town of Bombala in New South Wales, uses our system to control the turnouts. In this case the customer decided not to use physical panels for now, but rather use an iPad. We developed two panels for this customer. The images below show the design that we did, and then photographs of the Bombala panels being used on an iPad. Please see photos below of the Solution Diagram, Design and panels on iPad.

The interesting thing about this layout is that due to some constraints the Bombala station uses Tortoise turnout motors. Whereas ‘Top Shelf’ another part of the layout uses surface mounted Peco solenoid based turnout motors. With our solution the customer was able to control both types of turnout motors with the one solution. See Solution Diagram below.

Bombala 1

Bombala 4

Bombala 2

Bombala 3

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